Free Forex Signals

The idea behind our service is to provide registered users Free Forex Signals.
We focus on technical analysis, as a way to bring information provided by us are the most reliable and facilitate efficient investment in the Forex market. Join us and use the knowledge and experience of the best experts on Forex markets. This precious information can really help you become a success on Forex. Every day at 10:00 pending orders appear for 2 pairs. Information includes time order, open price, take profit, stop loss and status: Pending, Open, Closed. All positions are closed in the same day. Pairs: EUR/JPY and USD/JPY.

Trading Managers

Free Trading Manager simplify managing of opened orders in MetaTrader 4. If you open new order, manager automatically set Stop Loss and Take Profit. When price will move, than program could move Stop Loss to Break Even (stop loss = open price) or continuously moving Stop Loss (Trailing Stop) to protect your profits. Program is able to control orders for only current symbol (where EA works) or for all opened orders (regardless symbol) and hide Stop Loss and Take Profit from broker. Only you have open positions and rest takes Trading Manager, also manages positions opened other EA. Works on any TF and pairs. All parameters you can change.


Free Manager Grid helps you to managing orders and achieve the goal. You only need to place first order with stop loss and take profit, run EA and set in params profit (pips) you want to get. EA will be managing your positions, as will gather appointed amount of pips. Manager works in any MT4 and on every account micro, standard, ecn. Only you have open positions and rest takes Manager Grid. All parameters you can change. This EA is also very good to earn Cash Back.

Protect EA

Free Protect EA is robot to hide the levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit from broker. After starting, EA controls all opened positions for the current symbol and sets virtual stop loss / take profit lines in current chart window.If in order exist the standard SL and TP, then the EA will remove them and at the same levels sets virtual SL/TP (hidden). When there wasn't set SL or TP, then EA will set the virtual SL and TP in the distance specified in EA params.



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How can I get Free access to the Forex Protect?

You just need to register on Forex Protect and add your reviews about services related to Forex that you have already used.
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